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Recently a friend of mine was hired by a company to run their social media presence. He is using his personal Facebook account to run ads for the company billed to the company credit card. He wants to run ads for his personal projects simultaneously, but the Facebook ad platform only allows you to designate one credit card at a time per account. Facebook has provided a work around for this exact issue by allowing you to create corporate Facebook accounts for the sole purpose of managing advertisements. This is a great option for any company or individual managing multiple clients with different billing needs. Here are the simple steps for creating a corporate account:

Set up corporate FB accounts
1.Click on Advertising at the bottom of the page on Facebook.com (While completely logged out)
2.Click “Create an Ad” (green button)
3.Create a “test” ad by going through steps 1-3 (Title: “test” Body: “test” URL: “www.facebook.com”)
4.When prompted to log in at “Facebook Login”, make sure to “Create a new account”
5.Input an e-mail address that does not match any email address that Facebook has on record already.
6.Verify e-mail address through your inbox
7.Input credit card information
8.Business Account created
9.Do not click “Create Your Profile” within this account

The only caveat to keep in mind is that each new account created must build a new click through history, which correlates directly with the level of performance of the ads. The greater the click through history the better an ad performs and when working from a new account you lose all the click through history built upon by previous accounts. Corporate accounts are a great benefit for companies to have all ad campaigns available from one hub separate from any particular employee or agency. Check out the Facebook Ads Help Center for more information.

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Before helping found Sociality Squared, Biana Bakman worked at the Kbuzz (currently Likeable Media) as the Director of Buzz Builders. Biana has worked in marketing for a variety of companies in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Currently, Biana works as the Social Media Marketing Manager for Sociality Squared client Leica Camera AG and contributes to the company blog. She also serves on the board of Ann Thomas Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Biana received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University.

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  • Vertical Line Pte Ltd July 21, 2010 on 10:47 pm

    Hi Sir,
    I want like to create cooperate Account

    • Helen Vertical Line Pte Ltd August 5, 2010 on 8:31 am

      If you have any problems following the instructions above you can also reference Facebook’s help section or ask us your question here too.

  • Lori January 17, 2011 on 2:43 pm

    Is there a way to manage multiple facebook ad campaigns under one corporate account, but use different credit cards for each campaign? I work for an ad agency who spends a sufficient amount of money on Facebook ad buys. We no longer want to be financially responsible, so using our company credit card is out of the question. I would like to create one account, for myself, to manage ALL facebook ad buys for multiple clients, but each client being billing to their own credit card. Is this possible?

    • Helen Lori January 17, 2011 on 3:18 pm

      Hi Lori!

      Thanks for reaching out! What you want to do is set up a corporate account for each one of your clients. This lets the client attach a credit card to the account and even log in to see the ad campaign if need be. There’s an option in the settings area to add users to the account. Here you add whatever account you want to be the umbrella account, I use my personal one, to every client/corporate account. So when you log into either your personal Facebook page or umbrella corporate account and go to ads, you’ll be able to toggle between the different clients/corporate accounts you were made a user on. It makes managing multiple campaigns much easer.

      If you spend enough money, you may want to consider getting a Facebook ad rep too. You can apply for one here: http://www.facebook.com/business/contact.php.

      More information is also available here on Facebook ads: http://www.facebook.com/adsmarketing/

      Hope that helps!

      Hope that helps!

  • Gay June 22, 2011 on 3:02 pm

    Hi, Is this the same thing as a business account? I thought it was illegal for one person to create more than one account, say for instance a personal profile and a business account. I can’t find any information on corporate Facebook accounts.

    Someone told me there is something called so-called corporate-I.D. account enables a whole host of greater FB functionality and external support resources; and, makes it much, much easier and straight-forward to manage and track, customize the customer experience (videos, visitor polls, etc) and by adding layers to the FB visitor-experience.

    Appreciate your help.

  • Lisa Gill July 27, 2011 on 8:36 am

    So glad I found your article today. Thanks for the info – it was exactly what I was needed to accomplish and steps were easy to follow.

    Since I want to link to ads to my client’s Facebook page, I took one further step and added the corporate email as an admin to their page.

  • Michal July 28, 2011 on 7:20 am

    Hi Helen,
    I found your post very useful but went to see What Facebook Help Center says about creating business accounts following the link from your article https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=131976240210052&ref_query=corporate

    What I found is the following:
    ”Maintaining multiple accounts, regardless of the purpose, is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Use. If you already have a personal account, then we cannot allow you to create business accounts for any reason. You can manage all the Pages and Socials Ads that you create on your personal account.

    If you wish to manage ads for multiple clients, you will need to do so from one account. We suggest you restrict all ads for each client to separate campaigns. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to designate separate credit cards for each campaign or to have multiple administrators for the same ad account”

    I am just about to start advertising campaign for one of my clients and it would be really handy if you could have a separate account to manage their ads and bill their credit card.
    Could you explain this to me why they say in the Help Section that they will not allow you create business account if you have already a personal account. Is there any solution to that?
    Thank you so much for your help. look forward to hearing from you.

  • Helen January 3, 2012 on 2:02 pm

    Hi Mikal-

    I guess this comment is better late than never! I believe the inconsistency in Facebook Help from this blog post illustrates Facebook’s ever changing policies. As far as I know right now, if you have a rep, the rep can create a corporate ad account for each of your clients; I think Facebook isn’t encouraging users to create business accounts themselves.

    Hope that helps!

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