Facebook’s Pages

Did you know that Facebook has several pages of their own? These pages were created to provide outreach and resources to the different types of communities that utilize the Facebook platform. Here are a few of Facebook’s pages that we find particularly helpful:

Are there any other Facebook pages that you have liked and found particularly helpful? Share them as a comment below.

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Before helping found Sociality Squared, Biana Bakman worked at the Kbuzz (currently Likeable Media) as the Director of Buzz Builders. Biana has worked in marketing for a variety of companies in the non-profit, public and private sectors. Currently, Biana works as the Social Media Marketing Manager for Sociality Squared client Leica Camera AG and contributes to the company blog. She also serves on the board of Ann Thomas Coaching & Consulting, LLC. Biana received her Bachelor of Science in Communication from Boston University.

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  • Paul Gold November 6, 2011 on 1:46 am

    I found Facebook Pages very useful and informative, especially the page on Facebook Ads.

  • Magdelina December 29, 2011 on 10:20 am

    We need more isnhitgs like this in this thread.

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