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With blogging and all of the self-publishing going on these days, many marketers wonder if it’s a good practice to publish their press releases as a blog post. There are so many people using social media, won’t posting a press release as a blog post extend its social reach? Well, yes and no. Yes, because a blog post can up the SEO factor, as well as frame the content in an easily shareable format, opening a conversation about the release with your fans. No, because if it isn’t executed correctly, it could flop, creating an awkward social media moment. The last thing you need is a press release that doesn’t connect with your audience, wasting your time and negatively impacting your brand equity. If you are thinking of posting a press release on a blog, be mindful of who you are and what you’re saying.


Google is a prime example of a company that releases press releases on their blog. You can find all of their latest press releases in their press room; it works seamlessly for them. Leica Camera, on the other hand, is a company that has a policy against posting any sort of press release on their blog. Going back to that all important first question to be aware of who you are and what you’re saying, this type of communication simply does not work with their brand voice and audience.

Problogger has an insightful list of reasons you should use a press release to promote your blog:

  • Quality links
  • Exposure to media
  • Qualified Traffic
  • Influential subscribers
  • Search engine exposure

The list is great if you want to use the press release as a piece in your overall integrated marketing plan, however, we recommend promoting press releases on your blog to be taken on a case by case basis if they have not been included in your overall social media communication strategy.

There are many schools of thought about how to share a press release as a blog post. The first step is determining if you’ll be able to connect with the appropriate audience by posting a press release as a blog post. Once you are confident that social media is a viable media to reach your targeted audience for the release, it’s essential to map out a message strategy for the post. Creating an integrated plan will benefit your brand and communicate your message to the right people through the most effective channels.

Anyone who has read or written a press release knows they don’t really ignite any fireworks. In fact they can be a little ho-hum and even boring. This is where your communication strategy comes into play. Be sure to infuse your press release with a little eye-candy, such as a video, picture or interesting link. Adding that “hook” to your press release is crucial when you want to share a press release blind the newswire.

Press releases can add an extra dimension to social media marketing. Incorporating press releases into your social media marketing strategy can give you another tool to bring that new product to life, introduce a new CEO or open up dialogue to support transparency when important issues arise. As with any content you post, be mindful of your audience and which social media platform is the best vehicle for sharing.

Post written by Tia Marie Kemp aka @TiaMarieKemp. To learn more from Sociality Squared, become a fan


Tia Marie Kemp

Tia Marie Kemp

Tia excels working in a variety of disciplines and with diverse personalities, bringing a personable professionalism to her client relationships. She earned her M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College. Tia has worked in marketing, event planning and corporate communications for medical device, sports and technology industries. She is currently the Social Media Marketing Manager for Leica Sport Optics, and also contributes her creativity to Sociality Squared’s blog and marketing efforts.

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